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Our Story

Tasty Pastry Gluten Free was conceived by Pam Withe with the support of her husband Dave.

  • Founded in June 2009 just outside Bodmin in Cornwall.
  • We started to produce gluten free products in February 2010
  • The Bakery is situated in a small hamlet outside of Bodmin called Colbiggan

Pam having worked in the computer industry was made redundant in the late 90s and decided to do something completely different.  Having always been interested in cooking and baking (passed down from her mother and grandmother) she decided to go back to college and learn some cake decorating skills.  Having completed this she set up a decorated cake business called Celebrate Withe Cakes operating from home.  When we moved to Cornwall in 2004 we decided to create a commercial kitchen at our property to grow the business.

We started Tasty Pastry Gluten Free because many of our family and friends had coeliac disease or intolerance of wheat and gluten and were having difficulty finding products that tasted great.  As a baker they said to Pam you must be able to make wheat and gluten free products, especially pastry, taste better than what they could purchase at that time.

Pam set to work trying to find a good recipe for creating pastry that could be rolled out to make pasties.   This was a challenge as gluten free pastry is very short and tends to crumble it also had a very gritty texture.  After persevering for 2½ years she finally came up with her own flour combination that produced a pastry that could be rolled easily and also tasted good. 

Initially we were still making wheat flour based products on some days, then after steam cleaning the bakery making gluten free products on other days.  In 2010 we took the decision to manufacture all our products – including the celebration cakes – from wheat and gluten free flours.  At that point we made the bakery 100% wheat and gluten free and no wheat flour or any other wheat products have ever been taken in there since.

We now make a range of pasties, pies, tarts quiches and cakes, which are wheat and gluten free, and some are also dairy free.

We have been selling our products via local farmers markets, festivals and special events in Cornwall, and directly from our premises.  With our new website we hope to offer our products to a wider audience within mainland UK

With the help and support of Dave - Pam’s husband - who has over thirty-five years in the food manufacturing industry, we are now well on the way to achieving our goal of selling tasty wholesome wheat and gluten free products to as my people as possible.