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Tarte Provencale (x8)

  • £2999  (per box)

This is a 4” individual tart. We line the case with our shortcrust pastry that is blind baked. We cover our tart base with Dijon mustard and then fill it with roasted aubergine, fennel, courgette and red pepper. We then add herb seasoned egg and soya cream batter. We finally top it with sliced tomato and olives. 

Ingredient list: (Allergens shown in bold)

Flour Blend (Yellow Pea, Potato, Brown Rice, Tapioca, Maize) Margarine (Rapeseed & Palm Oils, Emulsifiers (E471), Eggs, Soya Cream, Aubergine, Fennel, Courgette, Red Pepper, Tomato, Olives, Mixed Herbs, Salt & Pepper, Rapeseed Oil,Xanthan Gum, Wheat & Gluten Free Baking Powder.

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